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Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill Restaurant chain continues to grow

As the Toby Keith I Love This Bar and Grill Restaurant chain continues to grow, so does their investment in ISP Technologies. Since Capri Restaurant Group purchased the master license agreement to build the Toby Keith restaurants nationwide, ISP Technologies has been an integral part of the venues. ISP has been the manufacturer of choice in eight out of eleven of the new venues, the first three having been built before even hearing of our gear.

Capri Restaurant Group wanted a company that could take care of all their audio/video needs. Enter Audiospace, LLC, a systems integrator located in Grand Rapids, MI. Audiospace, LLC has the capacity not only to provide a killer audio system, but also to provide a completely integrated video system as well. All of the Toby Keith spaces are large jobs as the restaurants have both live music and stereo music. Due to this, every restaurant required a stage rig worthy of national acts as well as a great distributed system. There must also be awesome video screens and projectors for sports events and music videos as needed. Audiospace, LLC had the solutions to all their needs. Using the ISP Technologies pro audio gear and patent pending High Definition Distributed Sound™ solved their audio needs with one company.

For most of the stages the HDL 3112 High Definition Line Arrays™ were used. The HDL 3112’s are a high performance, powered, medium-format line array cabinet providing high fidelity performance and smooth, accurate response. Coupled with the XMAX™ 218 subwoofers with outstanding 2000 watts RMS power handling for low power compression and high reliability, you have a system that rocks the house. Several venues also have ISP stage monitors to create an outstanding all-ISP stage rig. The Dallas, Texas site, being one of the largest at 30,000 square feet, also incorporated the ProWedge™. The ProWedge is a very high output powered monitor at home on the loudest stages, but provides accurate, detailed reproduction. With this system, the Dallas stage will be able to handle the largest of the national acts with superior sound quality. For their distributed music, the ISP HDDS™ system provides audio clarity and fidelity in a distributed system that includes both ceiling speakers and wall-mount speakers. With CAT5 cable providing both power and audio, this innovative system insures quality audio to cover every inch of the clubs’ area.

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