ISP Pro Audio

SoundCom teams with ISP Technologies, LLC

SoundCom, one of SCN’s top 50 integrators in the nation, teams with ISP Technologies, LLC

Leading audiovisual  integrator, SoundCom designs, engineers, and installs high quality systems for many types of uses including communication, education, entertainment, and houses of worship.  Consistently in SCN’s top 50 integrators in the nation, SoundCom has chosen ISP Technologies, LLC for school district projects.

SoundCom has installed both ISP Technologies patented and patent pending High Definition Distributed Systems (HDDS) and patented Pro Audio gear for extensive school projects in over 25 school districts in Michigan.  Rather than relying on archaic 70V distributed systems with technology based on 1920’s patents, ISP has introduced a new distributed system concept:  both power and audio are run down the same CAT6 ether cable and each speaker in the system is actually outfitted with its own power amplifier.  This patented pending innovation actually provides a distributed system that has both fidelity and clarity.  The HDDS utilizes a master control module to control 6 different zones with multiple runs per zone available. The versatility of the HDDS system has allowed SoundCom to design projects for both  inside and outside projects in various school systems throughout Michigan.  From gymnasiums, pool areas, sports fields, and cafetoriums, the HDDS systems can be used in any environment as it can be weatherized and flown wherever needed.

SoundCom has also designed school systems with ISP Technologies patented Pro Audio gear.  It has been utilized for performance spaces as well as outdoors for  football, soccer, and baseball fields.  ISP  has also made custom designed pro audio cabinets specifically for SoundCom to use in stadium seating situations to better cover the seating and field areas.  All ISP Pro Audio gear can be weatherized and customized for any specific venue.  Working with SoundCom and using their specifications has enabled SoundCom to provide their customers with exactly what they need and not an “off the shelf” solution that any company could provide.

Lead Account Executive, Joe Samborski, has been bidding ISP Technologies into his school projects for years for many reasons. Between the ability to customize products, the great customer service by ISP, and the product being made in the USA, Joe adds, “ISP is unmatched with its High Fidelity sounding speakers and price point for quality audio equipment. It allows me to offer the latest in patented audio technology and the customers love it!”

The ISP Technologies gear is made in the USA and the proprietary DAA patented amplifier technology is not Class D which makes for much better sonic quality and warmer sound.  With the attention to the mid-range, the ISP gear has clarity and fidelity that other gear does not.  The new amp technology also provides a “greener” product in that it measurably pulls less current off the line, while having more efficiency of power, uses less electricity, and provide a cost savings.  The gear also can be measured at the listed specs and the specs are posted in both True RMS™ and peak watts.  For more information contact  SoundCom  or ISP Technologies.