ISP Pro Audio


We have had problems in our nightclub for over two years with our stage monitors. We discovered they did not have crossover boards installed in them. We installed the crossovers, and we were not happy with the sound. We had a sold out show on Friday (Johnny Cash Tribute), and I was not taking anymore Continue Reading - Dirk Doktor – Audio Technician, Odawa Casino and Resort

Having been an audio engineer for over 36 years I’ve witnessed first hand the evolution of the sound reinforcement industry and the manufacturers that supply it, so I know what I like, and I spent over a year researching and auditioning products from every major manufacturer. When it came down to making the final purchase Continue Reading - Frank Rankin – Towson University

Over the span of a few years we were able to hear many different systems both here in our own building during concerts and at other venues in the area. Coverage, gain before feedback, and vocal intelligibility were our biggest concerns. Once we heard the ISP line array, we knew we had found our solution. Continue Reading - Dic Gleason – Auditorium Operator at Alumni Hall United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland