ISP Pro Audio

XMAX 212™

ISP’s folded horn bass cabinet the XMAX 212 must be experienced (and felt) to be believed. Capable of 135 dB peak output (at 1 meter), this exceeds by about 4 dB the output of high quality dual 18 reflex cabinets being driven by 2000 watts, and with lower distortion!

The XMAX 212 is designed to be used in groups of 2 or more to get deep bass response. Two cabinets together will extend to about 40 Hz (with optional mouth extensions or floor-wall loading), while a group of four will extend to 35 Hz.

This is a significant advance over the folded horns of years ago for two reasons. First, older folded horns had fairly short horn lengths of 3 to 6 feet, which limited their lowest frequency to 60 Hz or higher. The XMAX 212 horn length is over 11 feet in length for performance to 30 Hz. Second, older folded horns used drivers that had relatively high resonant frequencies and small excursion capabilities.

1000 watts RMS active, dual 12 inch sub woofer. Internal stereo 4th order crossover. Touring version with handles and casters available.

Made with Baltic Birch

The XMAX 212 uses two specially designed 12-inch drivers that have very low 22 Hz resonant frequencies, and extremely large excursion capabilities (over 1 inch of linear excursion and almost 2 inches of total excursion). Typical 18-inch woofers have less than 1/2 inch of linear excursion, and typical 12-inch woofers have even less. Therefore, the two 12-inch woofers used in the XMAX 212 have about the same volume displacement as two typical 18-inch drivers, despite their smaller cones.

Add to this the performance gained by horn loading, and the XMAX 212 outperforms any dual 18 reflex cabinet, with 1/2 the amount of power used. Also, reflex cabinets use cabinet resonances and ports to produce their lowest frequencies. This process is highly non-linear, so that at extreme levels the ports lose much of their efficiency, meaning they do not sound as deep.

At high levels, the XMAX 212 will simply leave a dual 18 reflex cabinet in the dust in terms of output level, depth, and transient response. The XMAX 212 will simply leave a dual 18 reflex cabinet in 1000-watt DCAT high-current technology amplifier with forced air (fan) cooling and an electronic crossover with high-passe line level outputs (4th order Linkwitz-Reilly at 95 Hz). The internal low pass filter is switch by-passable for use with external processors.

Power: 1000 Watts RMS with Internal D-CAT Amplifier
Forced Air Cooled
Max SPL: 135 dB @ 1Meter
Frequency Response: 35 Hz –100 Hz
Woofers: 2-12 Inch Custom High Excursion Speaker with Kevlar Reinforced Cone, 160oz Magnet Structure
Size: H 45.75” W 24.0” D 45”
Weight: 225 lbs.
Protection: Global Thermal Protection, Transformer Thermal Protect

System Capabilities