ISP Pro Audio

Vocal Intelligibility Processor


ISP Technologies patented VIP™ (Vocal Intelligibility Processor™) was developed to enhance vocal clarity for sound systems in difficult listening environments like night clubs, restaurants, and any other venue where enhanced intelligibility is desirable.

As an example, most sports bars have distributed audio systems throughout the venue and also typically suffer from less than ideal acoustics. Add to this a sporting event with a full house of patrons eating and talking and it becomes nearly impossible to understand the sports announcer on the broadcast event being shown.

Apply the VIP to the audio input signal between the broadcast output signal and the audio input of the sound system and the VIP will add dynamic articulation enhancement to greatly increase the viewing and listening experience. The VIP analyzes the Formant information in the audio signal and dynamically enhances the signal, adding greatly improved speech clarity and intelligibility. The VIP also includes an on board DE-ESSER to further improve the audio signal. For example, a basketball game can become a squeaky shoe overload after just a few minutes of listening; the VIP DE-ESSER will reduce this, and overly sibilant announcers, to a much more enjoyable listening experience. By enhancing the audio based on the dominant formants in speech the VIP will add a perceived 6 to 8 db improvement in voice intelligibility.


The VIP is designed with two independent audio channels and can be either automatically switched based on the selected audio or can be remotely switched.

The VIP was designed to enhance the front end of an ISP Technologies HDDS High Definition Distributed Sound System adding even better vocal clarity and intelligibility to an already stunning distributed audio delivery system. The VIP is covered under US patent number 7,532,730, other patents pending.


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