ISP Pro Audio


600 watts RMS active 3-way floor monitor. 12 inch woofer, 10 inch midrange, 2 inch compression driver, internal 4th order crossover network.

ISP Technologies brings you the “No Compromise” high performance, High Fidelity Active 3-Way floor wedge. No longer do you need to compromise the stage monitor mix with the poor performance of a 2-way floor monitor.

The all to common result of a 2-way floor monitor is low fidelity, distorted, unintelligible vocals and instruments. The new ISP Technologies TRIWEDGE provides high-output, high fidelity definition throughout the entire spectrum, including that very important, often overlooked critical midrange.

TRIWEDGE XH- Includes upgraded 1.75 inch compression driver.

You see, standard floor monitors fatally compromise the sound by requiring a large woofer to provide powerful bass, yet also reproduce the critical midrange. It simply can’t do both with accuracy, especially at high volumes. So when it’s getting blasted with bass, the midrange literally turns to mush. To try and compensate, the high-frequency horn is usually required to go lower in frequency, resulting in more distortion in the highs and that all too common “screechy horn sound”. Not even close to high fidelity. The TRIWEDGE 3-Way Floor Monitor system offers an uncompromised approach to a High SPL, High Fidelity stage monitor. With a total output power of over 600 watts RMS the TRIWEDGE is great for any professional stage environment. The TRIWEDGE offers ruler flat response, which help reduce the problem of feedback. This ruler flat response means you can also use the TRIWEDGE at a higher SPL level than other stage monitors. The inclusion of a powerful 10” midrange driver allows the woofer to stay lower and the tweeter to stay higher, resulting in a much more accurate and intelligible sound at higher levels. On a transient bassis the 10 inch midrange driver can deliver over 300 watts RMS. We use a 12″ woofers optimized for deep, powerful bass with large excursion capabilities. We also incorporate a high-frequency horn with smooth, extended response. Also incorporated into the ISP Technologies TRIWEDGE are 3 channels of our patent pending D-CAT (TM) Dynamic Current Amplifier Technology. The D-CAT amplifier technology is an extremely high current power amplifier design that can actually drive load impedances of less than 1ohm. This translates into incredible dynamic impact for transients providing the TRIWEDGE monitor system with better transient response than you’ve ever heard.

Made with Baltic Birch

– Power: 600 Watts RMS
– Woofer: 12 inch
– HF Driver: 2 inch compression
– MF Driver: 10 inch
– Response: 60Hz to 16KHz
– Peak SPL: 127db @ 1 meter
– Dimensions: 30.5”H x 16.5”W x 18”D
– Weight: 85 lbs

Peak SPL: 128 dB @ 1 meter
Response: 60Hz to 18KHz

System Capabilities