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Tripower 900 – 900 watts RMS, 15 inch woofer, 10 inch midrange, 1.75 inch Beyma HF driver. Flyware.
Tripower 15 – 700 watts RMS. 15 inch woofer, 10 inch midrange, 2 inch titanium driver. Flyware available.

Rid yourself of the distorted, unintelligible vocal and instrumental sounds of compromising 2-way cabinets. The new ISP TRIPOWER cabinets provide high-output, high fidelity definition throughout the entire spectrum, including that very important, often overlooked critical midrange. You see, standard 15” or 12” 2-way cabinets fatally compromise the sound by requiring a large woofer to provide powerful bass, yet also reproduce the critical midrange.

It simply can’t do both with accuracy, especially at high volumes. So when it’s getting blasted with bass, the midrange literally turns to mush. What’s more, the dispersion of a large woofer in the midrange is limited to that of a flashlight: move off to the side and the mids are gone! To try and compensate, the high-frequency horn is usually required to go lower in frequency, resulting in more distortion in the highs and that all too common “screechy horn sound”.

Try playing a well-recorded CD through another PA cabinet; less than exciting right? Try playing it through an ISP TRIPOWER cabinet and it sounds like a high-fidelity speaker, one that is actually a sonic pleasure to listen to.

Here’s why the Tripower three way cabinets offer the best sonic fidelity you’ve ever heard. Examine a two-way speaker system where the woofer has to reproduce both the low bass and midrange detail of the input signal. The result is serious intermodulation distortion when the woofer is driven even at moderate levels since the cone of the speaker is required to simultaneously reproduce the large excursion bass and the mid range frequencies. The midrange turns into a very unintelligible sonic blur that creates a giant hole in the middle of the frequency response. We’ve all heard this typical response where the horn becomes shrill and piercing with a hole in the mids right where you need clarity and low distortion for intelligibility of vocals and instruments.

The ISP TRIPOWER 3-way speakers were designed by an audiophile to give the balanced detailed sound of hi-fi speakers at concert levels (128 db peak at 1 meter for the 15” cabinet). The inclusion of a powerful 10” (or 8”) midrange driver allows the woofer to stay lower and the tweeter to stay higher, resulting in a much more accurate and intelligible sound at higher levels (some other 3-way cabinets use a smaller 6” midrange, which still requires the 15” woofer to go too high up). We use woofers optimized for deep, powerful bass with large excursion capabilities, twice that of other inferior cabinets. We also incorporate high-frequency horns with smooth, extended response. Also incorporated into the ISP TRIPOWER cabinets are 3 channels of our patent pending D-CAT (TM) Dynamic Current Amplifier Technology. The D-CAT amplifier technology is an extremely high current power amplifier design that can actually drive load impedances of less than 1 ohm.

This translates into incredible impact for transients providing the Tripower speakers with better transient response than you’ve ever heard. This also avoids the typical loss associated with passive crossovers where a portion of the power amplifiers output is dissipated in the crossover network. In the Tripower cabinets each individual speaker is fed with its own optimized power amplifier with thermal and overload protection for reliable, pure, high-output sound. We’ve matched each individual speaker with a power amplifier optimized for each specific driver. Feeding the amplifiers is a sophisticated, exhaustively tweaked 3-way, 4th-order, 24db per octave electronic crossover that provides ruler flat frequency response. The result is, a more accurate crossover design with phase alignment, damping factor optimization and time alignment that could never be realized with external crossovers and amplifiers. PROTECTION, PROTECTION, AND MORE PROTECTION!

The Tripower 12 also includes full thermal protection with 3 thermal monitoring points built in the system. First we include thermal management in each individual D-CAT circuit. Then we incorporate a global heatsink thermal temperature monitor point that will provide a short term thermal shut down if required to maintain a safe thermal condition for the entire power amplifier module. Then we also include a master thermal breaker in the power transformer to ensure long-term reliability. Also included in all of the ISP Active speakers is a sophisticated turn on and turn off transient suppression and AC line filter suppression circuitry. Now let’s talk about the D-CAT protecion, each channel of D-CAT power amplification includes full short circuit and over current protection increasing the reliability of each power amplifier section. All you need to provide are the AC power and a high-quality line-level input signal.

Made with Baltic Birch

Tripower 900
– Power 900 Watts RMS (500+300+100)
– Woofer 15 inch
– Midrange 10 inch
– Tweeter 1” throat 1.75 ” non-metallic diaphragm
– Response 45 Hz to 20 KHz
– Peak SPL 128 db @ 1 meter
– Dimensions 40”H x 20”W x 18.5”D
– Weight 135 lbs

Tripower 15L
– Power: 700 Watts RMS (400+220+80)
– Woofer: 15 inch / 3″ voice coil
– Midrange: 10 inch
– Tweeter: 2” throat titanium diaphragm
– Response: 45 Hz to 16 KHz
– Peak SPL: 127 db @ 1 meter
– Dimensions: 40” H x 20” W x 18.5” D
– Weight: 120 lbs.

System Capabilities