ISP Pro Audio


ISP Technologies ProWedgeTM 210 is a very high output powered monitor at home on the loudest stages, but providing accurate, detailed reproduction. It uses the latest design in neo drivers for low distortion and high output. It comes within 2dB of peak output of the ProWedgeTM 212, while providing a lighter, more compact package. It also provides slightly smoother midrange response at the extremes of its coverage angles when compared to a 2 x 12 wedge. The built-in processing and 3 channel DCATTM amplifier allows for extremely easy use, just provide a line-level signal and power.

A 60 x 60 degree constant directivity horn pattern and use of dual woofers results in controlled dispersion to reduce bleed into adjacent performers spaces, yet reduces the extreme beaming of important high frequency information found on competing wedges. The Sleek, modern design can actually be used in 4 different positions: Normal position with a 40 degree baffle tilt, ‘Longer-throw’ position with a 50 degree baffle tilt, front-fill position with a vertical baffle orientation, or side-fill position standing on end on top of a sub. XLR signal and PowerconTM connectors are recessed on the side, with ‘thru’ outputs for connection to multiple wedges.

The woofer cones are fully waterproofed to survive the elements and abuse. A reinforced, foam-backed, curved grille provides further protection. The Baltic birch plywood box is coated with a tough polyurethane finish for durability.

Very high output stage monitor
2-way powered design
Sleek look with curved steel grille
Dual 10 inch LF drivers with neo magnets and waterproof cones
1.4” throat compression driver covers the upper midrange and high frequency band for stunning clarity and dynamics
Internal three channel DCATTM amplification with built-in electronic crossover

Made with Baltic Birch

Configuration: 2-way
LF Drivers: 2 x 10 inch, very high sensitivity, neo magnet, demodulation ring for low distortion, water resistant cones
HF Drivers: 1 x 2.6 inch compression, 1.4 inch throat, neo magnet, polymer diaphragm, horn loaded
Coverage: 60 V x 60 H
Frequency Resp: 65 Hz to 16 KHz
Construction: Baltic Birch Plywood
Dimensions: 23” W x 16” H x 19” D
Weight: 65 lbs.
Amplifier: 900 W RMS, 3 channels, high current DCAT, fan cooled
Power Required: 5.5 Amps x 120 VAC
Power Connections: Powercon Input, Powercon Thru
Crossover: built-in line-level electronic, 1 kHz nominal, 4th orderCrossover: built-in line-level electronic, 1 kHz nominal, 4th order
Audio connections: Female XLR input, Male XLR thru. Electronically ballanced, 20K ohm differential between pins 2 and 3. Pin 2 hot.
System CapabilitiesMaximum Peak SPL: 133 dB @ 1 meter