ISP Pro Audio


Four-way line array element of the highest performance and fidelity. Two 10 inch woofers, two 6.5 inch horn loaded lower MF, two 2 inch horn loaded HMF compression drivers with phenolic diaphragms, two 1.75 inch horn loaded HF compression drivers with mylar diaphragms. Precision lenses for seamless HF coverage with “air.” Elements available with vertical coverage of 12 and 6 degrees. 4 channels DCAT amplification (1000 watts RMS total power) per box.

– Hi-Fi meets Line Array for High Definition Audio.
– True 4-way line array box, 5-way system with subs.
– Symmetric Driver Layout for very uniform coverage.
– Two HF drivers with neo magnets and 1.75 inch non-metallic diaphragms, to deliver a high-fidelity sound which is more pleasant than typical larger titanium diaphragms.
– Two upper midrange compression drivers. This driver does not suffer from the cone breakup of typical cone speakers used in this frequency band by our competitors, for stunning midrange clarity and dynamics.
– Lower midrange drivers are two 6.5-inch cone drivers per box, with extremely high magnet strength. These are only used up to 800 Hz, to avoid cone breakup. Further, these drivers are fully horn loaded down to the lower crossover point of 250 Hz, resulting in higher SPL and lower distortion. Competing boxes typically use four 5 inch to 8 inch cones which are only ‘waveguide loaded,’ essentially direct radiating, and they are used to a higher frequency, increasing the audibility of cone breakup and loss of definition.
– Upper bass drivers are dual 10-inch drivers with neodymium magnets. These are optimized for the frequency range of 100-250 Hz, and feature very high sensitivity, saving on power and reducing power compression.
– Supplied with 4 channels of high current DCAT amplification (1000 W RMS total power) per box.

Made with Baltic Birch

Configuration: 4-way
LF Drivers: 2 x 10 inch, very high sensitivity, neo magnet, reflex loaded
LMF Drivers: 2 x 6.5 inch, very high BL, horn loaded
HMF Drivers: 2 x 2 inch compression, low moving mass, horn loaded
HF Drivers: 2 x 1.75 inch compression, very low moving mass, horn loaded, Polyester diaphragms
Coverage: 6 V x 90 H (-6)
12 V x 90 H (-12)
Splay Angles: 1 to 6 degrees (-6)
5 to 12 degrees (-12)
Frequency Resp: 70 Hz (4 boxes) to 18 KHz
Construction: Baltic Birch Plywood
Dimensions: 43.5” W x 11.1” H x 23” D (without amp)
43.5” W x 11.1” H x 27.5” D (with amp)
Weight: 125lbs. (without amp) 145lbs. (with amp)
Amplifier: 1000 W rms, 4 channels, high current DCAT, fan cooled
Power Required: 7.5 Amps x 120 VAC
Crossover: Outboard digital processor required which is capable of 5-way crossover.
Rigging: 16 Boxes @ 8:1 safety factor, Aluminum alloy
System Capabilities
The system was modeled using our proprietary LINESIM program to predict the performance. This program performs extensive calculations based on the position and output of each driver to predict the sound level at multiple frequency bands from the first row to the last row. The system exhibits outstanding balance in all frequency bands. Below are the continuous output capabilities of four 6-degree boxes of the system in each frequency band, normalized to 1 meter distance:
LF: 137 dB @ 1m, 100 Hz to 250 Hz
LMF: 137 dB @ 1m, 250 Hz to 750 Hz
HMF: 137 dB @ 1m, 750 Hz to 3 KHz
HF: 137 dB @ 1m, 3 KHz to 17 KHz
Composite: 140 dB @ 1m