ISP Pro Audio


Hi-Fi meets small format line array for high definition audio. True 3-way small format line array box, 4-way system with subs. Three HF drivers with neo magnets and 1.75 inch non-metallic diaphragms, to deliver a high-fidelity sound which is more pleasant than typical larger titanium diaphragms. Large format 3 inch mid-range compression driver covers upper mid-range frequency band. This driver does not suffer from the cone breakup of typical cone speakers used in this frequency band by our competitors, for stunning midrange clarity and dynamics. LF drivers are 12 inch drivers with neodymium magnets. These are optimized for the frequency range covered by this driver. Supplied with 3 channels of high current DCAT™ amplification (800 Watts RMS total power) per cabinet. LineCalc 112 Excel Spreadsheet Software for aiming and prediction.

The ISP Technologies HDL 3112™ speakers are a 3-way line array box of the highest performance and fidelity. The HDL 3112 is an 8 degree vertical box for long throw applications and is also available in a 15 degree near-field downfill cabinet. ISP Technologies HSL 3112 is a high performance small format line array cabinet with a true 3-way design where most other small format line array cabinets only offer 2-way performance.

The HDL 3112 line array also uses 3 high performance 1.75 inch high frequency poly diaphragm compression drivers crossed over at 1.8KHz hertz to deliver sweet, smooth high frequency performance, without the fatigue associated with metallic diaphragm drivers. In addition, the boxes are carefully designed with the aid of our proprietary LINESIM™ simulation program to achieve smooth response at all frequencies and listening positions.

Made with Baltic Birch

Configuration: Configuration: 3-way
LF Drivers: 1 x 12 inch, very high sensitivity, neo magnet, reflex loaded
MF Driver: 1 x 3 inch compression, very low moving mass, neo magnet, horn loaded
HF Drivers: 3 x 1.75 inch compression, neo magnets, poly diaphragms
Coverage: 8 V x 110 H, 15 V x 110 H
Frequency Resp: 68 Hz (4 boxes) to 17 KHz
Construction: Baltic Birch Plywood
Dimensions: 30” W x 14.1” H x 20.6” D
Weight: 85lbs.
Amplifier: 800 W RMS, 3 channels, high current DCAT, fan cooled
Power Required: 5 Amps x 120 VAC
Crossover: Outboard digital processor required which is capable of 3-way crossover.
Rigging: 16 Boxes @ 7:1 safety factor, Aluminum alloy
System Capabilities
The system was modeled using our proprietary LINESIM™ program to predict the performance. This program performs extensive calculations based on the position and output of each driver to predict the sound level at multiple frequency bands from the first row to the last row. The system exhibits outstanding balance in all frequency bands. Below are the continuous output capabilities of four 8-degree boxes of the system in each frequency band, normalized to 1 meter distance:

LF: 135 dB @ 1M
MF: 142 dB @ 1M
HF: 142 dB @ 1M

(1 degree splay between boxes, listening position at 10 meters)