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HDDS Master Control Module™

The HDDS Master Control Module is the Master control center for distributed sound systems using the HDDS (HIGH DEFINITION DISTRIBUTED SYSTEM™) technology.

The Master Control Module includes six zones that can be used independently or can be linked to work together allowing the system designer the flexibility to set up any system with the desired configuration.

Capable of powering 180 speakers and can be linked to other control modules to allow for unlimited expandability.

The HIGH DEFINITION DISTRIBUTED SOUND SYSTEM™ (HDDS™) from ISP Technologies redefines the world of distributed sound. ISP Technologies introduces the world’s only High Fidelity, Low Cost, Self Powered, easy to install, expandable, High Definition Distributed Sound System. The High Definition design offers state of the art high fidelity distributed sound with precision equalized, self-powered speakers all connected and powered over Cat5 cable.

The High Definition Sound System has greater fidelity and clarity than any of the current 70-volt systems, as well as greater ease for expandability and far greater flexibility. The High Definition Distributed System is interconnected using low cost Cat5 cable, all with plug and play RJ45 connectors making installation easier. The Master Control Module offers six controllable zones making multiple zone install fast and easy and also allows each zone to be linked with the previous zone allowing stereo control or easy control over large installed systems.

The HDDS system allows an infinite number of Master Control Modules to be connected and linked for extremely large installs. The High Definition Distributed Sound System is viable because of ISP Technologies patented Dynamic Current Amplifier Technology, D-CAT™, and this innovative HDDS system is also the subject of other pending patents. A unique low current D-CAT power amplifier requires a fraction of the idle current of any other power amplifier design, which means that virtually all of the system current goes to drive the speakers not to idle current in the amplifiers.

The system distributes extremely low voltage Alternating Current over Cat5 cable plus high-level balanced audio and is capable of greater than 30 watts continuous power per speaker. Because the speakers are self-powered and receive a line level audio input there is no need to install expensive power attenuators for remote zone level control. Typical power attenuators can degrade system performance with a 70-volt system. The High Definition Distributed Sound System Master Control Module provides a remote level control per zone all done with Voltage Controlled Amplifiers, which means the remote level is a simple control voltage via Cat5 connected to a low cost potentiometer.

The Master Control Module’s Master Levels allow a maximum level to be set within each zone so that each Remote Level Control can adjust the zone level within the preset Master Level. For more flexibility, each ceiling speaker includes an additional RJ45 connector offering a separate level control per speaker so office installations can include a separate level control in each office. You can even control multiple or stereo speakers per room. All surface mount speakers also include rear level controls allowing the separate adjustment and balance of each speaker within the zone. Each of the Master Control Module’s six zones has three outputs, which allow up to 10 series connected speakers via a single Cat 5 cable depending on maximum SPL requirements. Each zone can include up to 30 speakers, providing a maximum potential of 180 speakers per Master Control Module.

For smaller systems we offer the BRC1 single zone control module in a small convenient package, and for even greater system options with a simple interface cable you can connect any of the ISP Technologies high performance Professional Audio products. This allows the control of high powered subwoofers, full range top boxes or even our high performance line array systems with the HDDS controller, offering infinite possibilities for systems design.


AUDIO INPUT: Balanced 20k input impedance

Pin 1 = GND
Pin 2 = Audio +
Pin 3 = Audio –




10VDC – OVDC 1V / 10DB


System Capabilities
Six Zones with VCA control, Cat5 interconnection to speakers
Master Level and Remote Zone level control via VCA control
Link control to link each zone to the previous zone
3 Outputs per Zone include low voltage power + Balanced Audio
Each output can support up to 10 speakers
All outputs include auto resettable fuse protection
Balanced Audio input on each Zone

System expandable with infinite number of Master Control Modules