ISP Pro Audio



Kellogg Arena, the premier entertainment venue in Battle Creek, Michigan since 1982, has played host to events from BMX to national acts, such as Kelly Clarkston and homegrown artist Kid Rock. As the popularity of the 6,500 seat venue has continued to grow, Director of Operations at Kellogg Arena, Ben Randels, knew an upgraded installed pro audio system was in order.

Randels contacted Kerry Johnson, President/CEO of BC Sound LLC. As BC Sound had supplemented the live sound for Kellogg Arena for years with ISP Technologies gear, ISP was the natural choice for Johnson to spec into the project. ISP became a mainstay of BC Sound in 2002, and had been used for their various live sound concerts, festivals, air shows and installation work. In choosing a new system for Kellogg Arena, Johnson said, “We generally like to use the same brands ourselves for live productions as we use for installation, especially ISP! [They are a] great local company right here in Michigan, Made in the USA!”

BC Sound install manager, Adam Kane, replaced the current center-hung cluster of 8,400 watts of Community Cabinets and Crown Amps, with a new, powered 21,000 watt ISP Technologies rig. Consisting of 16 High Definition Line™ 3112 array boxes in 4 hangs producing 16,000 watts RMS, two XMAX 218 flown subwoofers producing 4000 watts RMS, and the newly designed CXi114 coaxial speaker for downfill producing 1000 watts RMS and rated in RealWatts™(sustainable, measurable specs), the system has a peak performance of 42,000 watts.

Kane said, “I’m always pleasantly surprised at how little tweaking ISP gear needs beyond the manufacturer DSP presets, and this system was no exception. The coverage was exactly what we needed.” All ISP Technologies cabinets have patented and patent pending amplifier technology and are designed and manufactured in Michigan.

Extremely satisfied with the new sound, Randals said, “The new ISP system installed by BC Sound is an incredible improvement to the building. Returning clients and patrons are shocked by the difference. The coverage, clarity, and bass depth are going to be a huge asset to the building and upcoming events.”