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ISP at the Aronoff Center for the Arts

ISP Technologies traveled down to Cincinnati, Ohio to help people feel the passion at the 10th annual Gospel music weekend I Hear Music In The Air Concert 2011, featuring Bishop Hezekiah Walker & the Love Fellowship Choir, J. Moss, 21:03, The Nevels Sisters, New Direction, Joshuas Troop, Livre, and Tela and Cheri Patterson at the Aronoff Center for the Arts. The concert was held in Proctor & Gamble Hall, which is the centers largest theater with seating for 2,719, and has high performance lighting and house sound as well. ISP Technologies was chosen to provide a state-of-the-art audio system for I Hear Music in association with Praise Factory Studios.

ISP Technologies supplied the Aronoff Center with 8 XMAX 212 subwoofers, 4 XMAX 415 subwoofers, 19 High Definition Line Array 3112 boxes, 4 High Definition Line Array 2208 boxes, and 2 ProWedge 212 stage monitors.

The XMAX 212 subwoofer has dual 12 inch subwoofers and offers a max SPL of 136dB at 1 meter, 1000 watts RMS with internal D-CAT amplifier, and a frequency response of 35Hz-100Hz. The XMAX 415 subwoofer has four 15 inch neo design drivers and offers a max SPL of 135dB at 1 meter and 137dB at 1 meter peak, 1600 watts RMS, 2500 watts peak high currents D-CAT amplifier, with a frequency response of 40Hz-80Hz with an internal crossover. The ProWedge 212 uses the latest design in neo drivers for low distortion and high output. The built-in 3 channel D-CAT amplifier has a frequency response of 60Hz to 16KHz and 900 watts RMS.

The HDL Line Array 3112 boxes hold three high frequency drivers with neo magnets and a 1.75 inch non-metallic diaphragm with a frequency response of 68Hz (4 boxes) to 17KHz. Supplied with 3 channels of high current D-CAT amplification (800 watts RMS total power) per cabinet, the HDL 3112s really rock the house. The HDL Line Array 2208 boxes provide a 2-way line array design with little compromise in terms of its mid-range performance due in part to dual 8-inch neo woofers. Each box has a frequency response of 68Hz to 16KHz and 850 watts RMS with a high current D-CAT amplifier.

Tony Williams, Sr., owner of Praise Factory Studio who brought in the rig and ran the sound for I Hear Music concert has used ISP Technologies gear on many projects. By using the ISP rig, we had the best sound for this event than we have ever had. We had many participants and concert goers tell us that, Tony said, Hands down this gear had higher output and more pounding bass than we have ever heard.

ISP Technologies, LLC is a Michigan based manufacturing company specializing in innovative high-end professional audio sound-reinforcement gear utilizing proprietary patented power amp technology. Fidelity, clarity, and mid-range are the hallmarks of the powered cabinets that ISP Technologies both designs and custom builds for live and installation use. Rapidly becoming one of the industry standards, ISP Technologies builds every cabinet, including electronics, in the USA. For more information on the ISP Technologies XMAX 212, XMAX 415, HLD Line Array 3112, HDL Line Array 2208, or ProWedge 212, or any ISP Pro Audio, call (248) 673-7790, email, or visit